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Large Boat Sailing Adventure
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Spend a weekend traveling the lake on 20 and 25 foot sailboats!  You'll get to choose your own route, so have fun exploring the lake.

Elect a Crew Leader.  The captain will provide opportunities to make decisions and carry out tasks during your training.

The program begins Saturday Morning and ends Sunday afternoon.

Plan for your crew to arrive at the Aquatics Base by 8:30 am.  You will be greeted by a base staff member who will help you get settled in and ready for the trip.  During registration, we will make sure we have accurate information on your Crew.

We will review your rosters, the swimming ability of all crew members and review any physical limitations. Your Crew Leader will be asked to sign a form certifying each member of the crew meets the BSA Swimmer Requirements (see Guide to Safe Scouting).

Bring your own overnight gear, including a tent, for use during your overnight stay away from the base Saturday.  Please note:  Camp Allatoona Aquatics Base is a short term camp and does not have shower facilities.  Campsites have permanent shelters, running water and pit latrines.

We've provided a copy of some typical sailing menus and we suggest your crew give them a try.  Please purchase food for your crew AND your staff captain for all listed meals (plus any personal snacks).

Upon your return to the Aquatics Base Sunday afternoon, you will clean the boats and return equipment.  Plan your departure between 2:00 pm and 3:00 pm.

Crew size:  12.

What to Bring:

Remember, storage space onboard a sailboat is very limited. Small drawstring bags work best for stowing personal items and equipment. Please limit your carry-on to one small bag or duffel, and do not bring backpacks with frames. The items you need to bring are shown in the gear lists below:

The basics:

    • Shorts, T-shirts, hat
    • Swim suit, towel, deck shoes
    • Sleeping bag or blankets and sheets
    • Sunglasses, sunscreen, lip balm (Chap Stick, Blistex, etc.)
    • 6-foot piece of line to practice knots
    • Small flashlight with extra batteries
    • Foul weather gear (rain suit)
    • Sweatshirt or windbreaker/jacket, depending upon the time of year
    • Personal items (toothbrush, etc.)

Do NOT bring the following:

    • Black soled shoes
    • Poncho
    • Personal CD players, radios or stereos
    • Liquid fuel stoves or lanterns
    • Sheath knives, spear guns or fire arms
    • Signal flares or fireworks
    • Personal watercraft (wave runners)

The Base will provide:

Use of crew quarters (tent site with tents, cots, covered cooking area, table and propane cook stove with fuel).

Your crew should bring:

    • BSA patrol cook kit & chef tool kit
    • First aid kit
    • Food (remember to include enough extra for the captains!)
    • SMALL ice chest and extra ice for the ice chest onboard the boat
    • Electric lantern (propane may only be used off the boat)
    • Water container
    • Trash bags
    • Toilet paper
    • Paper towels, cups and napkins
    • Games for use below deck (magnetic checkers/chess, playing cards, etc.)
    • Inter-faith worship materials and song books
    • Astronomy merit badge book for star study at nigh)

Optional Items:

    • Camera and Film
    • Binoculars
    • Personal floatation devices (also available at the base)
    • Fishing gear and bait (don't forget fishing licenses)

Menu Planning Suggestions:

Here are some typical menus used at Florida Sea Base. You might want to try some of these on your trip. Click here for a printable copy of these suggestions.

1 pancakes, canned ham, orange, apple juice, coffee turkey sandwich, cheese curls, pear, cookies, drink pork chop, stuffing, salad, corn, fruit cocktail, drink
2 eggs, sausage, English muffin, orange juice, coffee hot dog, pork and beans, Pringles, apple, drink hamburger, mac/cheese, peach, drink
3 cereal, Pop Tart, pineapple juice, milk, coffee chicken salad, cheese curls, granola bar, drink steak, potato, roll, salad, pudding, drink
4 pancakes, canned ham, orange, apple juice, coffee ham & cheese sandwich, Pringles, apple, pickles, snack cake, drink beef stew, rice, applesauce, drink
5 eggs, canned ham, English muffin, orange, coffee tuna sandwich, corn chips, cookies, drink spaghetti, salad, green beans, Italian bread, snack cake, drink
6 cereal, Pop Tart, apple juice, milk, coffee peanut butter & jelly sandwich, orange, granola bar, drink Base Camp


    • Current BSA registration.
    • Must be at least 13 years old.
    • Scouts are required to pass the standard BSA swim test for swimmer the morning of the class in order to participate.
    • Familiar with the procedures in the Small Boat Sailing Merit Badge book.
    • Adults must be certified in Safe Swim Defense and Safety Afloat.
    • No previous sailing experience is required.


Select the date below on which you'd like to participate. You'll be taken to that date entry on the Atlanta Area Council calendar. Note that you may see multiple CAAB programs listed for the desired date. Select the registration button at the bottom of the page.


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